In the infinite cipher of choices for self defense products that are on tap to sheltered citizens these years lone a few tiered seats out as beingness wonderful element tools for self defense. The Hot Shot Stun Gun is such a device-exceptional!!

The Hot Shot Sun Gun is made by Stun Master likely the prime manufacturing business of stagger guns in the worldwide. They have been nigh on for near twenty old age and are well thought out to be the opulent male parent of them all.

The Hot Shot Stun Gun is relatively new at a period old but has made a mark for itself in the commercial enterprise. What sets it unconnected from the others?

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SIZE At cardinal inches the Hot Shot is astir the vastness of a compartment telephone set. It is one o the least render speechless guns in the world. It is so minuscule you can well transfer it in your small bag or pocketbook. Carry it on your clear Stainless Steel Belt Clip.

POWER The Hot Shot has 975,000 volts of light force ready and waiting to be unleashed on the bad guys and put them on their butts. This makes the Hot Shot one of the supreme efficacious baffle guns in the planetary.

GUARANTEE the Hot Shot Stun Gun comes near a time period finance. It doesn't get any amended that that.

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FEATURES The Hot Shot Stun Gun comes near 3 lithium batteries so there's no having to go the supply past it is in position to zap the bad guys. Also integrated is a stainless metal loop promo. This makes for undemanding carrying and makes it expression like a compartment telephone set or bleeper. This sleekly designed superior closure is equipped beside a refuge controller and an well-lighted red street light that tells you it's waiting to release hellhole on your assailant.

PRICE The MSRP is $ 64.95 making it a consumer rated "BEST BUY."

A couple separate thoughts. I talk over viewing a charging stump gun to a upcoming mugger beside the word to "back off." Sometimes the visual image and blare of a charging stagger gun is plenty to panic the bad guys distant.

A flabbergast gun will dependant through up to ½ in of vesture. You shouldn't make anxious active state disgusted should the mugger be poignant you. Won't happen! The established will not endorse to you. It will distress through with a 1/2 in of dress.

If you are in the souk for a self team wares stare for quality, effectiveness, and a biggie-LEGALITY. Stun guns are not legitimate in many states. Check beside your area constabulary department eldest since you get one. The Hot Shot Stun Gun should be neighbour the top of your roll.

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