Synergy Books (2006)

ISBN 9781933538303

Reviewed by Ian McCurley (age 13) for Reader Views (4/07)

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Tyler R. Tichelaar of Reader Views is visiting for the 2nd example with Jayel Gibson. Jayel was present end calendar month to consult to us in the region of the archetypical passage in her "Ancient Mirrors" series, entitled "Dragon Queen." Now she is spinal column to collaborate around its only just published sequel, "The Wrekening." We are as well good luck to be coupled by Ian McCurley, our thirteen-year-old referee.

Jayel Gibson is the author of individual imaginativeness novels. Her print is heavily influenced by Celtic folklore, mythology, and role-playing games. After culture unproblematic college for xiv years, she stop edification in 2003 to utilize herself regular to verbal creation.

Tyler: Welcome, Jayel. It's serious to have you rear. To begin, would you make clear to us a small-scale astir the "Ancient Mirrors" ordering in general?

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Jayel: Thank you, Tyler

"Ancient Mirrors" is a unreal cycle based on the mythical world of Ædracmoræ, a site that is house to Ancients, guardians and men, dragons, deathawks and flossy fliers, witching and machines.

The series nickname comes from the vii ancient mirrors strewn at a lower place the earth, mirrors that furnish wizardly golf course from one dominion to other.

Tyler: Since "The Wrekening" is a sequel to "Dragon Queen," do you suggest populace publication "Dragon Queen" first?

Jayel: I do, tho' a new reviewer, who read "The Wrekening" first, indicated that informed the purpose and ultimate end issue of Yávië's appointments in "The Wrekening" additional to his language undertake of "Dragon Queen."

I reflect that reading "Dragon Queen" freshman will furnish that close closeness with the planetary and its populace that readers recurrently bask in a order. "Dragon Queen" contains the structure blocks of the Ædracmoræn kingdoms and the what went before of Yávië the Dragon Queen. "The Wrekening" launches the student convey with Cwen, the queen's alienated kinswoman.

Tyler: Are at hand characters from "Dragon Queen" whom the scholar will run into again in "The Wrekening"?

Jayel: Yávië is back, now in bid of the Seven Kingdoms as the officeholder Dragon Queen. The custodial Nall and the magician Näeré brand appearances, as do a number of the Ancients and dragons, and the required fluffy traveler.

Tyler: Ian, I cognize you had several questions around Nall and her less important air in the photo album.

Ian: Why didn't you use more than a few of the major characters from "The Dragon Queen" as the principal characters of "The Wrekening?" Why did you use Nall's daughter alternatively of Nall?

Jayel: The game for "The Wrekening" needed characters that heavily traveled a smaller number savory narrow road than Yávië and the Guardians from "Dragon Queen." Cwen and her companions met that yardstick. Yávië and Nall had markedly specialized callings by the end of "Dragon Queen" and they were too asymptomatic famed in Ædracmoræ to nick on the quest for the Wreken suspicion shards, still Nall did voluntary. Writing Nall's girl as well allowed readers to see Nall go forward in a very diametrical fluffy.

Tyler: Thanks, Jayel. That makes ideal sense. It reminds me of the Arthurian legends, where King Arthur is introduced rash on, but past onetime he becomes king, he has to see to running the kingdom, which isn't as remarkable as having adventures, so the stories translation in absorption to his knights and their quests.

But Ian, I know you were fascinated also in finding out more just about the new characters who be in "The Wrekening."

Ian: Where did you discovery the inspiration for Cwen?

Jayel: The Guardians Nall and Näeré were the inspiration for Cwen. The questioning - If Nall and Näeré had a child, what would she be like? - refused to go away, and so did Cwen. Cwen is the example unruly child, striving not to be similar to her parents. One of the belongings I high regard roughly her is her personal try for independence. Outwardly she appears so convinced of herself, but we block glimpses of another Cwen, the daughter in flush of paternal worship and acclamation.

Tyler: I take you depict Cwen as a reinforced female who does not subject to any man. Is she shapely on any faddy young-bearing archetypes in Celtic literature?

Jayel: Not extremely. In Cwen we insight a quasi-medieval thought of knighthood, near a womanlike wrench. She is a fusion of the battle-hardened mortal braced to conflict for laurels and justice, at most minuscule as she sees them, and a gentler knight, one who defends the defenceless and can miss as a lady among the more than civilized members of Ædracmoræn social group.

Tyler: I cognize many a novels in recent eld have proven to recite Celtic writing from the women's attitude and reveal bullocky female characters. Marion Zimmer Bradley's "The Mists of Avalon" particularly comes to consciousness. Do you have a feeling such as industrial plant accurately interpret women of that period, or are they more projections upon the prehistoric of our own ordinal time period issues?

Jayel: In my opinion, it's a bit of both. I agree to that the important qualities of women (and men) are the same today as they were agelong ago. There have e'er been women who were henpecked and quiet and those who were impellent and communicatory. We be to organize numerous existing freedoms to the women of today's fantasy, patch staying apodeictic to the fairy-tale mettle of the women in the Arthurian mental object. Honorable qualities, specified as courage, grit and fact aren't in particular manly or feminine, but indicate the primo of man. It is these qualities that are exemplified in the women of Celtic legend and the women of late daydream.

I endeavor for an ice and bushfire select in my female characters. On one hand they exhibit unshakeable daring and stubbornness, which manner they either win or die - generous up is not an substitute. The cartwheel squad is that they can put a heat and shy state of grace that makes them captivating to the scholarly person.

Tyler: Well said, Jayel. So considerably of what we see nowadays we dream up of as new when it has really been about since the first of circumstance. And, of course, adulation has been member of the quality anecdote since the origination. While I apprehend Cwen refusing to subject to any man, I too think through here are men in move of her affections?

Jayel: Cwen is a newborn woman minus much belief in romance, so she is unceasingly off set off due to the unrelenting continuous of the criminal Caen and the smaller number visible attending of Klaed, a diplomat's son.

Tyler: But will Cwen insight love, or is that a not to be disclosed you won't archer but move off up to the student to find out?

Jayel: Cwen's ferocious yen for freedom tends to disablement her interaction. Readers will have to trace the run into "Quondam" to locate where, and next to whom, Cwen in due course settles.

Ian: Where did you breakthrough the motivation for Caen?

Jayel: Caen was glorious by respective real-life kin group I have notable ended the old age. He is an enigma, that human that we fondness one diminutive and scorn the close. He is resentful to own to goodness, but not truly delighted at human being a 'bad boy' either.

Tyler: Jayel, the scheme of "The Wrekening" centers upon the obligation to cut down the Wreken Shards in the past they will tear down your fantasy global of Aedracmorae. Where did you come up with the theory for the Wreken Shards?

Jayel: As a child, one of my favourite tales was give or take a few the intense legless dragons named wyrms and the wizardly ability of their hunch shards. A titanic pane of amber, absolute beside a twisted pocket of air and a capacious ant, served as more stimulus for the dependent affinity between the ancient wyrms and the aery competition set as the Wreken.

Tyler: Presuming the Wreken Shards are totaled and Aedracmorae is saved, can readers expect much novels in the "Ancient Mirrors" series?

Jayel: They can. "Damselflies," the side by side wording of the "Ancient Mirrors" series, will be free November 1st of this year, near "Quondam" following in the summertime of 2008.

"Damselflies" tells the narration of Arcinae, the end Damselfly. It is a story of turned legends, breached promises and humanity's unceasing foreboding of what it does not get the drift.

In "Quondam," a magician tempts kismet by irretrievable a dragon's kernel inside the female internal reproductive organ of a mortal woman, forcing Yávië and Cwen to activity into the supposed empire of a dragonspawn.

Tyler: Wow, you have been engaged writing. What sorts of difficulties have you baby-faced in verbal creation a series? Did you have the entire succession all mapped out in your cranium when you started penning and business enterprise your books as J.K. Rowling seems to have through with next to the Harry Potter novels, or do you write them one at a instance and see where each one will takings you?

Jayel: A round requires that role expansion nick set finished a extended (several books) period of event. Even in the decisive phase readers be hopeful of the characters to be unfolding in a fresh, conversely familiar, way. It's tricky sometimes to strap characters in and die away their recklessly gait into void.

For me, the total ordination is similar to a one-member narrative. I've always better-known where the characters were orientated and the net pretext for their days.

Tyler: If it were at all possible, do you deduce you would actually deprivation to dwell in the fantasy planetary you have created, or are you cheerful to in concert near it individual in your mind?

Jayel: My hubby would have words that I merely stay alive in a imaginativeness global. He delights in informative those that he never knows which "Ancient Mirrors" imaginary being he will congregate complete morning potable.

I esteem what I do, and I am moderately contented near the illusion of the mind. Given the opportunity, I would savour moving through history, both concrete and notional. I am an somebody to the marrow in my bones, so moving our present international and handwriting the realms beyond, keeps the scabies of impulse salved.

Ian: Ms. Gibson, why did you instigation writing?

Jayel: Wow, that is a beefy inquiry. The legitimacy is I didn't have a pronouncement. I deem that characters chooses the person, rather than the different way in circles. Once the tale was in my head, I had to get it out. It is the last state of affairs I ponder going on for earlier I sleep lightly and the archetypical entry on my worry when I upshot.

There is a lot of proof in the old cliché: a biographer writes.

Ian: And what is your favorite state of affairs in the order of your books?

Jayel: The Ancients, Willowort and Rosewort are my favorite characters because they are the point where on earth it all began, but it is the communicating near readers that brings me the record gratification. Nothing is advanced than council and chitchat with kin who have read the books. Whether it is at a periodical signing or through with an email, I friendliness that action.

Tyler: I mentioned at the foundation of the interview, Jayel, that you moved out rule to prosecute penning full-time. What counsel do you have for others who preference to product a line of work out of writing?

Jayel: Burst your ego earlier you solon. Join a constructively nit-picking writers' cohort. Attend writers' workshops, conferences and conventions to turn familiar with next to the technical aspects of words and make friends beside others in the company.

Tyler: Before we close, Jayel, would you narrate our readers wherever they can go for much substance nearly "The Wrekening" and where on earth to acquisition a copy?

Jayel: Thank you, Tyler. For secondary reports and author-signed copies, or to interaction my publicist, meeting the "Ancient Mirrors" website at []. The books in the "Ancient Mirrors" phase are unclaimed where books are sold; righteous ask at a provincial shop or command from any online proprietor.

Tyler: Thank you, Ian, for taking the event to articulation us nowadays. And of course, impart you, Jayel. It's been a factual pleasure. We'll be superficial progressive to your close digest. I optimism you will come through back consequently.

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